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Frequently Asked Questions

We know that you might have any questions and concerns as you are still new to this kind of
business approach. You can always message us anytime and anywhere and we are happy to
answer all your concerns. We have prepared commonly asked questions that can give you more
ideas on our services and how we work.

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What does Bookkeeping Stockton, CA offer?

We at Bookkeeping Stockton, CA are composed of experts and professionals that are
knowledgeable about any kind of business transactions and bookkeeping necessities that your
business needs. . We are even the best choice in working for your payroll processes as well
as in managing your accounts payable and receivable. We can also work on your sales taxes,
financial statements and other important reports for your business. Give us a message to find
if we provide the service you need.

Can you explain what virtual bookkeeping is?

There is no much difference between the natural methods to the online one. Bookkeeping is a
business way of listing and making reports on your transactions so you can get to be aware of
its movements as well as for you to check if your business is improving or not. It is also the
process of listing things necessary for you to check the sustainability and growth of your
business. For virtual bookkeeping, it is done through an online software or platform where
you communicate and see the reports. These are accessible anytime and anywhere as long as
you are connected to the internet.

What is the software you are utilizing?

We are partnered with Quickbooks for Windows user and Cloud supported software for
Apple users. These mediums can be downloaded with the use of an internet connection.

Do you think it is safe?

This approach is already being utilized even by the biggest businesses in the country. You
would just need to check on the safety methods as well as check if your provider is using a
secured platform or not. Along the years, Bookkeeping Stockton, CA has not reported any
fraudulent acts with our service.

How much do I need to pay to avail your service?

We actually offer a customized package which you would just need to include the services
you need and remove those that you think you would not need. We will quote you with a deal
within your means. You can always give us a call to check on how much you would need to
pay for our services.

What do I need to prepare in getting your service?

You would just be contacted by our technical support team on how to install our platforms
and we will also teach you the method and how it works virtually for you to be familiar and
for both of us to get started.

How do I download your platform?

For Mac or Apple users, it is downloadable in the apple store and for others it is
downloadable in Google play. We can also send you the link which you just need to put in
your browser and it will just automatically download the software.